Blogster Aurélie van lovelifelovefashion aan het woord

Blogster Aurélie van lovelifelovefashion aan het woord

Hi guys, this week in the Home-To-Be series I’ll go a little more into detail on our floor choice. Maybe not the most exciting step of the progress for some, but yet very important. And heck, all decisions we have to make for our future little nest excite me. So it wasn’t any different for this one, believe me.

We did however came across a few dilemmas


The first dilemma being the fact that we both absolutely love hardwood floors. They make each home feel warm and cozy, and they would fit in perfectly with our vision of a minimalistic home decor with Scandinavian vibes. So that’s it. Wooden floors! Well… nope. Not really….

Agreed, they’re pretty, but hardwood floors also have a few downsides. The sensitivity for stains and scratches being two of them. Another disadvantage to keep in mind is the vulnerability to humidity and moisture. In other words: not the best option for the bathroom or kitchen area. Seeing how our place will be fairly small, we really didn’t wanna start using different types of floor either, which would visually split up each room. Plus, it’s also quite noisy to walk on hardwood floors with certain shoes. And well, we would like to keep our neighbours happy you know.

After some research we found the perfect solution. Wooden ceramic tiles! It looks like a hardwood floor, feels like it AND you have all the advantages of tiles but no disadvantages of natural wood.

We went to a specialized tile store called Atrio in Laakdal (close to the border with the Netherlands), because they have lots of different shades and sizes when it comes to (wood) tiles. All ready to pick out our future floor, we got a little overwhelmed by the large amount of options. It’s very easy to walk towards the tiles you like, but you need to remember the bigger picture and all the other materials you’ve already picked. Luckily we got awesome professional help from Frederik, an Atrio interior specialist, who really thought with us and totally understood what we wanted to achieve. Below some options that we’ve considered.


Second dilemma: the tile we really really loved (it. was. perfect) was about twice our budget. So it was either giving up a big chunk of budget for the kitchen or going with our second pick which was still a very nice tile and only a little above budget. We ended up going for the smart thing and picked the less expensive tile. Still very beautiful, great quality and we don’t have to give in on the kitchen this way.


Third dilemma: our budget. Because we still went a little above budget with the tiles, we wanted to find a cheap deal for the bedroom floors. Simply using the same tiles for this place wasn’t really an option because of the price. So I did what any other person would do. I opened my browser and went to Pinterest.

After checking out my moodboard for the bedroom, it was clear that I actually wanted something else for the bedroom anyway. I pitched my all-white idea to the boyfriend, he loved it and that’s that.

In the meanwhile, some weeks have passed by where we’ve been searching for the perfect white distressed laminate floors. Laminate because it’s softer and warmer to walk on bare foot (which is a good thing in the bedroom), it’s friendly for the environment and most importantly: it’s budget-friendly.

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